LA&PS Awards for Distinction in Research

IMPORTANT: Incomplete nomination packages will not be reviewed by the Committee on Research Policy and Planning.

LA&PS Award for Distinction in Research, Creativity or Scholarship

For more detailed information, please refer to the Terms of Reference (PDF).

Up to 2 awards will be offered per calendar year in each category (Emerging, Established Researcher)

This award recognizes research distinction in one's academic career that goes significantly beyond disciplinary expectations (as evidence by the standards of the nominee's discipline) in the demonstration of excellence in a body of research, scholarly and/or creative works.

The categories of eligibility are as follows:
1. Emerging Researcher (up to the 10th year post PhD)
2. Established Researcher (10 or more years post PhD)

LA&PS Award for Distinction in Social Justice Research

For more detailed information, please refer to the Terms of Reference (PDF).

One award will be offered every other calendar year. Applications will be accepted this year in the Spring of 2021.

This award recognizes distinction in one’s academic career that not only exceeds disciplinary expectations but also demonstrates significant contribution to the advancement of the principles and practices of social justice in any of its various forms of expression through research, scholarly and/or creative activity and engagement.

All tenured, tenure-stream and contract faculty (including CLAs and CUPE contract
faculty** , Distinguished Research Professors and Canada Research Chairs). Retired YUFA faculty members from LA&PS who are eligible to teach will also be considered. An individual can only receive the award once.

**See Terms of Reference for further details.

Deadline for Submission of Nomination Packages:

May 1st of the award year.

When the deadline date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday applications will be accepted on the next working day.


A completed original nomination package must be submitted to:
Secretary, Adjudication Sub-committee

Nominations for the biennial LA&PS Award in Social Justice Research will be accepted in 2021.