Academic Merit Committee

Committee Mandate

Decanal Committee

The Academic Merit Committee is governed by the YUFA Collective Agreement, Appendix M: Merit Procedures, Article 5:

5. Each Faculty and the University Library shall have one (1) or more elected committees which shall make recommendations to the Dean/Principal/University Librarian on the distribution of merit awards. Along with their recommendations, committees shall indicate in an aggregated manner the total number of recommendations which were based on (i) professional contribution and standing, (ii) teaching, (iii) service and (iv) the various possible combinations of the three (3) areas of professional responsibility. Aggregate information will similarly be provided to the Association with the list of award recipients. The Dean/Principal/University Librarian of the unit will be responsible for decisions on distribution of merit awards from among employees who comply with the provisions of paragraph (3) above.

Membership 2011-2012

Mary Jo Ducharme , School of Human Resource Management
Thaddeus Hwong ,School of Public Policy and Administration/School of Administrative Studies
Alice MacLachlan , Department of Philosophy
Gabrielle Slowey, Department of Political Science
William (Bill) Wicken, Department of History
Jimmy Huang, School of Information Technology (Teaching Stream)
Andrey Stoyanov , Department of Economics (Teaching Stream)
Selma Zecevic , Department of Humanities (Teaching Stream)

Ex-Officio Members (non-voting):

Dean or Dean's Representative