Waive Honours Standing Regulations Information Sheet

1. An honours degree requires a minimum of 120 earned credits. To continue in an honours program beyond 90 earned credits, students must have the required minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.00. Some majors, such as BCom, BHRM, BPA, and BDEM, also require students to have a major grade point average of 5.00 by 90 earned credits in order to continue in the honours program.

Students who do not have the required minimum overall and/or major GPA at 90 or more earned credits, but who want to be permitted to continue in the honours degree, and to have an opportunity to attempt to qualify for the honours degree, may petition to have the honours standing regulations waived.

It is important to note that, if granted, a petition to waive the honours standing regulations simply allows you an opportunity to attempt to earn the required standing. In the case of the professional studies programs noted above BCom, BHRM, BPA, and BDEM to qualify for the honours degree, students will need to earn an overall GPA of 5.00 AND a major GPA of at least 5.50, and typically must earn those averages by 120 earned credits. You should always check with your departmental advisor to ensure that you know the minimum standing required for your major.

2. A Statement of Grounds - your personal letter - must clearly identify the intended program, major(s) and minor (if applicable) and include a detailed, date-specific account of the extenuating circumstances which contributed to your not achieving the required standing, and the steps you will take to earn the required standing over your remaining credits.

3. You must include a list of the courses you need or wish to take to fulfill all remaining degree and program requirements.

4. You must indicate the grades and average you will need over those remaining courses to achieve the required overall GPA, and where applicable, the required major GPA.

5. Documentation - evidence to support your statement of grounds - is essential. You will be required to provide original documentation to support the grounds of your petition. The University requires the completion of a York Attending Physician's Statement (APS) form to document medical grounds.